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Monday, 26 September 2011

Strings stings me: Passion Recharged again

sheetal malik guitar
Yesterday night though exhausted making clear way to home to better prepare myself for next day but of course what seems to be an end is generally a mark to new beginning and so happened to me again  and this time no shit to be confident. While commuting to home more often than not reevaluating my toady's’ withal next day plans, I got a click. My switches go LIVE again. I found my hands groping my pockets ascertaining some mobile device should be present there. success, so said in context of public transport, bad. Hastily I call my buddy of all times “Harminder”. “Hey, lets rock today! What about Guitar!!”.

We went to nearest Guitar school, registered there and sit with ease. Though the time was pretty odd and it could witness effortlessly judging their faces but weird pupils surely have no prior school of thoughts, so we are. After some formalities that divine moment to which me is sating for years had arrived. I felt Guitar yes, that dream guitar in my hands waiting me to kill the silent. so I did, bring it to life with passion like boarding first stage of youth. Nothing can be compared to feeling that rushed into me, made me goose bump. I enjoyed it, plugging those
metallica on sheetal malik's blog
steel fibres arbitrarily like I am already a born rock star.

Well; its my first encounter with my long starved dream, with guitar . I felt its belly like taking some girl hand into mine playing with her trails of hair having my head on her lap already. Words often are murderer of feelings and so I am experiencing writing this post. My journey has begun, lets see where does it ends. Nothing more to say, nothing more can be written. If so, read more here at My Corner



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