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Friday, 16 September 2011

Google Plus API Launched: Developers Rejoice!!

Google Plus platform pic on Sheetal Malik blog
Finally, the much awaited Google Plus API is unleashed today itself striding developers a step ahead to open source. Admittedly, Google proved its social tag “Real Life Sharing, Rethought for the web”, shown sword of Damocles to many of the rumors associated with limited access and worthy usage rights cited in most of the renowned technology columns. Many among us today received an invitation like this:

Greetings developers,
Thank you for showing your interest in the Google+ platform on our developer interest form. We promised to let you know when we had more details to share. Well, that time has come...
Today, we’re launching the first of the Google+ APIs. This initial API release is focused on public data only — it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+. Read our blog post for more details.
Also, we’re happy to introduce a new Google+ developers site. This will be the place to go for ourpolicies, terms, discussions with other developers, access to documentation, tools that make development on the Google+ platform easier and more fun, and of course, the place where announcements concerning new releases will be made.
We’re looking forward to seeing what you build with the API. Today is just the beginning, and your work will affect what comes next, so go ahead and get started.
Happy coding!
- The Google+ platform team

So Developers rejoice! Digg out more of  Google plus API features which is none different than RESTful  API design similar to  prior Google open source technologies like Google translator et al. Start; integrate your website or blog  more closely with Google plus circles, customize G+1  buttons with utmost flexibility of look and feel besides URL redirection functionalities still being simple with Plus 1 configurator tool. With API libraries empowered yourself with access to publicly shared data (URL’s, photos, videos, etc.) over G+ and  there is lot more to explore.

However for now API is not much powerful to provide you access beyond public data but much is expected and  the same is promised by Google implicitly by “Rethought for the web”, you remember??  

Stay tuned with Sheetal Malik: My corner to get more yet to come from Google libraries.



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