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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Yes, Dogs can too be Yummy: Black Dog Bestow

Hungry? Don’t let yourself starved enough. I came up with all new barker casserole less sauce boat. Puzzled? What I gonna discuss may become your all time favorite cuisine. Settle your starvation or serve your guests being quick with this Dog ramekin. Out of funds? well in case of snacks at evening you can go for puppy too. However, this dog dish let you adieu your guests with scallywags of it if baked in excess. Straight to the cause, how to prepare “black dog bestow” ramekin.

Ingredients: one mature black dog (puppy will work in case of snacks), rice in accord with wishful starved buddies and required utensils you guess. Absolutely no spices not even salt, amazed?

How to prepare: Simplest amongst non-veg., easy to cook even by green horns “black dog bestow” is savor cuisine at your bad times (when you don’t have enough money to collect surplus ingredients).

First, take a rice bowl, pour in it required quantity of rice as per members in question and necessary amount of water to boil. Remember don’t boil rice completely and dog should be hungry in proportion to number of guests.

Now let dog consume entire boiled rice until its sate keeping an eye on platter not to be ingested alongside rice, possible if dog is starved than you anticipate. Okay start when dog gets done with rice restraining more of it.

Now roast dog a feet high over mild fire. Yes, dog should be alive when you place it over steak. Interesting isn’t it? Enjoy roasting it to brown red against its abnormal cries taking them as butter-dish trade off. Huh!

Next; when roasted, slit half its stomach and collect all rice which it ate earlier (hope you remember till now). Absolutely; rice with sufficient gravy, Black Dog Bestow is all prepared to serve guests. Clearly all necessary salts are infused by dogs’ body, less you required. You can seasoned it with regular origami or spaghetti sausage aside dog’s fillet.

P.S. please be concerned to slit dog at its earliest up on roast else it can be digested by dog and rest you guess. Do enjoy Black Dog Bestow with dog fillet to its fullest. Isn’t it mouth watering?

Write me if you like this cuisine or get some new ones in exclusive to publish over Sheetal Malik: My Corner.



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