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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Power of Human Brain: The Thought Process

How to Make Our Wishes Come True?

Hello all
Hurrying from office towards home after performing all backup operations I just set my hands again to write this mind boggling blog for you. So, what I am going to discuss today is really revolutionary and provoking and possesses power to radically change the way you live and see this world. I am going to discuss the most mystical secret.

The Secret:

Have you ever been wondered why only some of us are able to get the social recognitions? Why only handfuls of souls own the maximum share of total world economy? Why only some people are goddam geniuses? How someone is always be lucky enough that all worldly goodness favored to him/her only?
Do these people are really great souls on this earth? Do they possess some peculiar deity blessings? Do these guys genuinely have some extrasensory mind working in night shifts too?

Sir Isaac Newton gave us three invaluable laws of Kinematics but didn’t discuss the law through which he was able to infer these well -known laws? Sir Einstein in 90’s unveil the irrational theory of Relativity to which he himself has no mathematical accounts at that time and when asked he said that he dreamt of that. How someone on this earth can saw such crazy dreams? Astronomer Galileo was the first to demonstrate that Earth orbits around Sun without any known tool and technology, how? Again, Christopher Columbus was the first one to establish that Earth is round only by some of some of his conventional tools at his time and the list goes on…… but still the question remains at its place, HOW?
Do these people genuinely have some extreme extraordinary qualities? Okay if they had, then why are we abandoned with such super powers? Simple, these prominent personalities concealed something invaluable, THE SECRET……..

Blotted-out: Secret, why?

I know you already excited enough to know that mystical secret but first come the question of why at all it is the secret. Why those people blot it out and what was the reason behind this concealment? Why this secret is not been texted enough or known worldwide? In short, where is the problem?
Former genius communities when first decipher this secret they became dumbstruck by knowing the inherent power this secret possesses. But they scared on imagining what if this secret went on in wrong hands. The inconceivable super powers of this secret if applied in awry ways can lead to disaster able consequences that can be even dreamt of.

Secret: Power of Human Mind Unleashed

Here comes your long awaited secret. So, what are you expecting about secret? Is it some magical chain of Dark words in hymns? Is it some old buried testament with bundles of pages? Is it a most mystical Holy Grail? Is it a Lost Symbol? Is it….Is it….Is it….huh!

The Secret lies in one single most plebeian word known to all but a cipher to most of us. It is the word which bathed in blood from centuries, the word most revolutionary, hidden in ancient fables, concealed as cipher in antediluvian religious texts, in most renowned paintings, the soul and language of nature, a word universally known to all creatures, a sole foundation of our very existence on this earth and even earth itself, life hunt of many people, solution to all your problems, the success factor, the most descriptive one, the God’s language.

The word is ATTRACTION. Surprised??How?? Yes, the most mystical of all “The law of Attraction”. The veiled law of Newton, the dream of Einstein, the intuition of Galileo, The hunger of Columbus, it’s all same.

So, what actually the law of attraction is? Here it is….. Whenever we think about any known or unknown thing whether it exists or not, whether it is right or wrong, whether it is positive or negative, we actually communicates with the soul of universe through this, we attract things and ideas to become real and happening. Actually Universe is in our service like some genie. Every time we think, we command it and then the spirit of Universe puts all its spurs up in fulfilling our command to serve us in all goods.

Actually Universe is from human, we create it not we are originated from it that’s why Universe is serving us. I am no joking nor is it some superstition. It’s a hard to digest truth, irrational and takes time to swallow it completely.

Actually Human being has most developed mind of all the known existing creatures that’s why man is the ultimate creator of all existing known concepts to us whether it be materialistic or non- materialistic like feelings . Every time we think, we create.  The power of human mind has potential to create or destroy any existing or non- existing concepts. It can create beliefs, feelings, conventions, cultures, laws. Not only this it can create another planet, a new Sun, new life forms, new creatures etc. Today’s technology is just the reflection, providing a glimpse, a trailer of full featured mind movie.

The Law of Attraction: Wishes go True

How Law of Attraction works? It is the law of Universe and neutral to physical, social, political, conventional, natural beliefs. Although, it is purely based on personal beliefs, what are we thinking and how are we feeling. It works in conjunction with our thoughts. Our thinking attracts anything we think about. If we are thinking positive and good then we attracts good futures happenings. And if we are thinking negatively then it so will happen. Good attracts well and bad attracts worse. By thinking affirmatively in present we are creating future good lucks and vice-versa. We can attract anything money, fame, prosperity, destruction etc. in present and Universe works 24x7 to process our thoughts like some super computer to give us results in future.

It is no Global gyan  it is a Thought Process and have complete scientific study based on it known as Noetic Sciences. In some techy words Every-one of us has some magnetic field with which one attracts or deflects other fields in accordance to his/her wishes and our magnetic fields work under the domain of Universal magnetic flux. This system serves as universally known language understandable to all. According to noetic Sciences thoughts possess mass and have power to modify every existing thing or happening along with the power to convert ideas into realities, inconceivable notions into reality.

Belief Power: Natural Human Power

Law of attraction takes belief as parameter to work upon. Stronger personal belief means stronger the attraction. Strong attraction means thoughts are more dominant in commanding the Universe or have more priority to get processed early and efficiently. It is the main reason behind why some people excel over others in particular domain. Because they believe they are superior, so, Universe makes them superior saying “your wish is my command”.

Negative thoughts attract negative fields and are more destructive than positive thoughts in present scenario because similar thoughts resonate and opposite thoughts interfere and there are more negative thoughts prevailing then positive ones. That’s why it is blotted out for years to prevent its execution by wrong minds. It is the main reason we people often offer our prayers to almighty in groups commanding Universe more intensively allowing our thoughts resonate with others.


Earlier people thought that Earth is flat and so it was. But one day Christopher Columbus established that Earth is round remained struck on his belief, all his followers believed him. Soon others believed in Columbus and used to think that Earth is round. Thoughts from all over the world resonate to make Earth round and Universe then actually makes Earth round. The same happened with Einstein, Newton and Galileo too.

Whatever we believe and get follow ups on that belief, Universe makes it truth. If we think minutely then we find that all of our present functioning is in groups whether it be political parties, offices, society, communities or social networks like Facebook is present only to maintain its existence and make others belief on that pool for its better functioning with the  motive of becoming more powerful and commanding to Universe.

Million Dollar Question: How to Apply this Law?

Every law is based on some assumptions, some internal parameters and surfaced by executing some process. To apply the law of attraction you simply have to follow three easy steps:

·         Feel good and try to be happy.
·         Feel gratitude towards all things and people you have in your life.
·         Whatever you want from life just think that you already have that, and get into the feel of it.

Only by executing above three steps you can be anything you want to be in your life. If you need money than feel that you already have it in abundance, feel metamorphic ally, feel like crazy and just dive into your feelings, and  above all feel like millionaires. Some people may call you psycho but you can bear their words to become millionaire. This process takes time and results are often late initially but don’t get depress if your wishes are not fulfilling because it is like some test taken by Universe to accept its new Master (Aladdin too have to scrub his lamp to get Genie out of it!!) and it is actually the initial sign that wheels start moving according to you. So just stick to it, believe strongly and Good Luck!!

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