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Monday, 26 September 2011

Google turned 13th: Happy Birthday Google

This morning Google just doodle on itself and why not, after all the world’s biggest searching now more social giant just touches her 13th birth anniversary. Lots of Wishes from Sheetal Malik: My corner to Google and all its employees. Here under are my wishes:

May Zukerberg’s F8 summit keynotes proves wrong or atleast flawed to let Google alley-wayed through them.

May your AdWords campaign goes well, no matter how complex their SEM is

May your Open API’s atleast have good set of documentations less leveraging forums so that more developers can engage themselves onto it.

May your Android overtakes every possible mobile platform and that too without bringing bangs to memory with each passing hour as expected by many in future.

That’s all from my side and don't mind that's just a joke. Still, may God bless you. Hope you grow more like impassioned beast giving tuff competition to all your rivals so say. Have a good day



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