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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lackadaisical: Getting out of it

You might have problem pronouncing this at first but it is something we are getting used to in our day to day life. When I first came across this particular terminology and ensured its meaning I was amazed all of a sudden. In accord with WordWeb thesaurus Lackadaisical means “lacking spirit or liveliness”. Finding this compels me on thinking what actually does spirit or liveliness means and how are we lacking the same in our lives?

Going lackadaisical is just a state of mind in which we take ourselves from jobs but not jobs from us. Confused? In simple terms; losing spirit to life is somewhere associated on how we perceive our surroundings and what is our attitude towards them. Common reasons to become lackadaisical counts on: routine jobs might not seem interesting to you or perhaps your lifestyle no matter how lively is it, is  just a happening to you.  It’s good said that getting the granted has no values and so is natural human psychology and its better said:

“If we keep on doing what we are doing today, we will keep on getting what we are getting today”

Getting out from lackadaisical sort of illness do requires an initiation on your part first. I have a solution what I find and used to call in general is “one day miracles”. Wake up one morning bringing entirely new character out from yourselves as last night you went through some purgatory and arrived rechristened in morning. It can be anything like anybody but should be in strong contrast to what you have been earlier. Forget who you are, what you possess, how you came up and what has happened to you in past and from past I not only means memories back only to 2-3 years but your entire life till last night. However; tweak yourselves to remember what your future jobs theme would be like as those are necessary to spruce you up on same with brand new personality.  Feel as if you are just new born kid possessing fresh canvas ready to exploit again. Hold positive attitude towards everyone and everything bringing no prior thoughts of schools on anything or anybody.

This might be hard or close to impossible to some but regular and consistent amendments in one’s character do prepare one for aforementioned “one day miracle” tweak. Live everyday, a brand new day. What’s say?



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