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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lackadaisical: Getting out of it

You might have problem pronouncing this at first but it is something we are getting used to in our day to day life. When I first came across this particular terminology and ensured its meaning I was amazed all of a sudden. In accord with WordWeb thesaurus Lackadaisical means “lacking spirit or liveliness”. Finding this compels me on thinking what actually does spirit or liveliness means and how are we lacking the same in our lives?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Black Hat SEO: The Trump Card

black hat seo by Sheetal Malik
It’s enough waiting sating bringing sites up to Google index against competitors like monk. Enough of Poker Face now. After all, Google is an algorithm, no matter a smarter one than others, a bit similar to human understanding. But; NOT a Human, remember? Whatever; we SEOs always take Google as one almighty savoring our Jobs. However; blindly following the unknown, Yes; unknown when comes to its algorithm is of no mature task . As absolutely no one knows how Google crawler works? But; everybody has pretty much good story to teach, huh. Honestly; I couldn't buy this convention and decided to take a stand against Google bots.

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