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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations: Be on cloud 9

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Though cloud be a lucrative technology from its very inception but migrating existing IT over server farms is not an overnight job for any enterprise, to be practical in question. Moreover, cloud big-wigs like Microsoft Office 365 withal Google Apps technologies offers you per seat services in much lower rates as nothing to compared with your legacy infrastructure on employee per se making you even more cloud starved. Besides, enterprise upgrade to next level of competence ought to leverage on cloud services bragging your long suppressed right to flexibility as well.

What is important? Besides opting endless scenarios to choose from over which you structure your future enterprise strategies, the concern for mapping existing organic hierarchy contemporary to  third-party servers, Office 365 SharePoint architecture in concern should somewhere lie in damp corners of your mind. Nonetheless, you like to be cost-effective while performing your enterprise business critical data consolidations to Microsoft Office 365 collaborative workspace.

Many of the third-party utilities hailed out performing Google search with PCVITA Express Migrator, Avepoint sharePoint migration tools, Metalogix and Tzunami to name some. Choose amongst these for your legacy consolidations keeping below mentioned tips when merchandise for same:

  • The tool should perform migration tasks in batches or jobs to better manage the same in near future besides annual audits if required so.

  • The utility should have roll back navigation functionalities to easy undo job profile under which migrations go on. Moreover, platform standards compliant UI with the touch of ergonomics is an added plus.

  • The tool should leverage on intelligent algorithms wth pre-migration legacy data analysis aboard character mapping abridging platforms with configuration options to choose from, to alert you if something going wrong.

  • Software should provide synchronized time tabled stats while files migration packaged within job. Additionally, after migrations summaries and required reports assist you bugging out errors if so required.

  • On panel Office 365  account log-in aside on premise log in consolidating casual data down to fine granule hierarchies is required software providence

  • Admittance to management of previously generated jobs with efficient search and sort functionalities moreover without any lengthy navigation is expected from such utilities.

  • Software should adhere to transactional migrations approach, auto-resumed consolidations, in case struck. Besides, software never restraints to hefty migrations unlined to any size constraints.

  • Last but not least, migrator should be cost-effective in comparison to your enterprise economies of scale.

  • Secondarily, software must come with its other siblings to choose from such as File System to SharePoint migrations, Exchange Public folder to SharePoint, IBM Lotus Notes to SharePoint and SharePoint to SharePoint to cop-up in case in optimal manner in case your enterprise drives over more than one deployment.

Office 365 picture by Sheetal MalikAforementioned directions may assists you in opting the right solution by right vendor but I as a cloud enthusiast personally suggests PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint as it fulfills all mentioned required and expected criteria being cost-effective to larger margins amongst other availabilities, a perfect fit for small and middle level  growing organizations. Additionally, you  can schedule anytime online chat support with migration experts direct from their website.

I hope this information assists you lot in choosing right solution to go with. More to come stay tuned to Sheetal Malik: My Corner



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