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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Black Hat SEO: The Trump Card

black hat seo by Sheetal Malik
It’s enough waiting sating bringing sites up to Google index against competitors like monk. Enough of Poker Face now. After all, Google is an algorithm, no matter a smarter one than others, a bit similar to human understanding. But; NOT a Human, remember? Whatever; we SEOs always take Google as one almighty savoring our Jobs. However; blindly following the unknown, Yes; unknown when comes to its algorithm is of no mature task . As absolutely no one knows how Google crawler works? But; everybody has pretty much good story to teach, huh. Honestly; I couldn't buy this convention and decided to take a stand against Google bots.

Switching to Black hat SEO and getting success at it requires great deal of analytics on any individual part else ready to be a victim of Google penalties and related trade-offs, you guess? Common conventions prevailing amongst SEO knowledge workers to face short-term gains with adverse effects afterwards if done black-hat are somewhat true but nothing to be purely guaranteed. My dear there exists a fine line between Grey hat and Black hat SEO and crossing that threshold may lead to problems without doubts but before that there exists a treasure of nice SEO goodies just waiting to be murdered by you. Stab those veiling gains just hitting the right approach and here are some of those:
  • Never stuff your keyword in Page content instead slice out image to two or more adjoins having different “alt” tags. Remember not to slice image to more than 3 parts and that should be the sole image in whole web page with this slicing tweak.

  • 301 redirect Google bots direct from your web page employing any commonly available .php script without switching to .htaccess file. Redirecting Google bots to desired page from source has number of benefits to count upon:
a) Site visitors don’t ever get to know about your redirection tweak. Visitors watch only that page probably stuffed with reciprocal links to which they may not be bothering.

         b) Google bots after redirection transfer source page juices collected from links to desired page without crawling source page secondary links. Thus, no need to add “nofollow” attribute to links tag which further helps you exchange quality links.

         c) Maintaining secondary site apart original site acts as a shield preventing original site from Google grudges sacrificing itself if so happens. Hmmm, the concept of electrolytic cell you remember learnt in secondary school classes?
  • .htaccess tricks can never be overlooked when it comes to pure SEO. Instead letting open index.*** file by default you can easily tweak .htaccess file to default open any-name.*** file. Add this line in site .htaccess file:
DirectoryIndex  any-name.***, index.***

Above .htaccess directive commands server to default open any-name.*** file when somebody types on main domain in browser. This tweak add one additional keyword to URL of even in site Index page. Worthy, isn’t it?

Swallow this for now. More yet to come on Black hat SEO techniques. Stay tuned to Sheetal Malik: My Corner



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