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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Creative Commons license: Google it

Creative Common License Contents through Google: Sheetal's way

  Be creative though being common!
Have guts and be the only one!!

Just Google it!

Though I am a geek but I am not going to discuss some rocket science today as my interest lies in solutions to most contemporary concerns of your everyday life. Ever since the Google released, the community most bestowed by its kinder is of IT bachelors.  Queries like “How do I submit my report the next day nevertheless not have MS word installed?” answers are same “just Google it”. “How to figure out project in just a week” someone pings “Goooooogle it”. How to shit?...... Google it. 

It’s now old story

But Google out every other stuff will not work enough because to whom you are submitting Google, sorry, your content may also be Google maniac. Besides if you going to submit some thesis or ready to publish some Google out content over web then give a second thought to copyright issues too otherwise be ready to expect some court summons soon.
Even the best Google hack provides you with content available somewhere on the web staking your genuine and that’s why I am here to write this post for you.

Creative Commons License: all rights reserved

What General public license is to open source code is creative common license to open source content (documents, images, videos and anything which is not a code or program). CCL as it takes to, is launched to shift open source power beyond code to contents. CCL comes in many variations allow you to use content personally in one version or to share it publically or modify it in other license variations. CC content thus is genuine to publish or to recreate with confidence.

How to get creative common content on web?

Creative common content is available on web too; Google knows it but makes it hard for you to get to its settings for whatever possible reasons I swear I don’t know why?
But to get creative common content on web, pursue the following:
Every time you Google for something e.g. paper, Google URL take the form like this:

creative common google

Don’t get confused if URL on your side is different from this. It may be because you are already logged in to Google, if so just sign out of it and again put the query in Google. Even if your URL is somewhat different from above, let it be as it is.


This code snippet command Google to fetch only creative common license contents which you can easily share and publish. Aforementioned code snippet is optimal to all your share search needs though other variations are possible.

creative common result

Google comes up with all new option “Search only pages that are free to use or share” (notice above screenshot) possible never before seen by you.
All pages in result of your query now contain only those contents which are publicly available to share and publish.
You can obviously employ this tweak to get images indifferent from copyright issues here we go:
Type in URL

creative common image search

Referring above screenshot type anything for which you want to find the images. Let’s say paper and follow the same tweak as above in URL (address bar) and fetch out new settings Google is hiding from all those damn years see next shot.

Google image CCL options

So far Google give no CCL video search results because Google itself has no video platform. Google navigation pane contains YouTube link to check out videos. YouTube editor let you access the creative common library and create your own videos using the contents of library without any hack as in Google.
So, be creative with Creative Common License. If any of the above steps is unclear to you then feel free to comment or contact me, good luck.!! 

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