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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Google Plus Vs. Facebook: Can't it be better?

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Although Google Plus being a new social player has much in its foundry to offer yet its nowhere close to Facebook to offbeats our hearts. Somewhere initialy  G+ raises our expectations to enjoy more real social experience. Its concept of circles withal spark seems so manageable that looks like advent of web 3.0 but in reality its all vague, not even at inches to out flank Facebook. Moreover, its circles bait us waffling around giving them more attention than to the cause for which those actually developed.

No doubt, Google stride out in market with more advanced concepts  and much is expected from its soon launching API. However, bartering every technology just because the same exists is not  the right approach to frame dynamic intents of human. What is required? Technology should be ergonomically designed for green-horn usage. All the same buggy features are better to launch late than to hail out with vulnerable functionalities that can easily be seen in Google Plus chat which blots-out online users as offline.

Nevertheless, Facebook too takes a stand on against Google concepts copycat  them shamelessly due overnight, never gonna let its user base go down is ready to stake anything from its reputation to UI. Still Facebook is becoming more challenging for Google with each passing hour as tech. war  is still raging in between them to prove their dominance over social structures. And this time Google tap its best foot out loosened  G+ beast in revenge of Orkut brutal assassination by Facebook.

Whatever be the reasons these two players seems nowhere close to hold mutual market shares and let developers build custom applications to further collaborate these two work spaces. Technology convergence too needs these two to behave nicely to prepare for a long run so that naives too enjoy G+ besides techno geeks.

Facebook should allow Google plus to brush its name over its user walls and the same is expected from Google Plus to allow tender-foots feel ease while using its GUI. Lets make this world simple out of hatred and geeks ego. Isn’t it a better strategy than GB’s of policies to raid each other?

After all foundations of any healthy society laid in and its very concept grass rooted from Love and harmony but its web founders can’t be able to understand this simplistic concept. How condemnable? How different is this from Communism? Think? 
But never maze upon this unworthy fight results hail out with less engaging third party utilities which let you access Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus account over G+ window. More yet to come, stay tuned to Sheetal Malik: My Corner



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