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Monday, 1 August 2011

End of The World: The Apocalypse

Will Eschaton really be a future life tweak? Will December 21, 2012 surfaces itself as a curse for entire living community? Much has been prophesied of Mayan calendar 2012 to Nostradamus. Does End of The World literally claim its Pharisaical meaning. No, actually End of The World is sure but story is somehow other way around.

Secret Revisited
Earlier, I highlighted on inconceivable powers, a human brain possesses, what today seems as a miracle will always come out as future life fact. Yes, Apocalypse is mystic, blotted out by those who deciphered it centuries ago. They conceived its catastrophic consequences if its true meaning have unleashed, as average human mind maturity not attained the threshold to digest it at that time .They feared that the secret composed in ancient text, with utmost care, to be known only to worthy, will suddenly stand out on gallows crying in stark nakedness to entire world, shall at risk from vulnerable minds. Enshrouded truth turned rumors still prevails and will perceive by many as haunting reality.
Armageddon entails The End of..........
Yes, the end is for sure and that too of present day human community but not humanity itself. End of The world, the phrase is present all over, in Eschaton (Bible’s last testament on Apocalypse), in Hindu Vedas as Krita Age, in ancient fables (Panchtantra stories establishing animals with human intelligence) and even found out in Disney cartoon movies (some of the video frames are rumored to contain encrypted messages). Though, the truth is all around but we lost our natural insights to conceive it as we are becoming more complex with each passing day, perplexed enough. December 21, 2012 is all calculated to be the day when human mind attains enough maturity to bear the stunning, goose bumping realities. Here we go.....
Keep it simple silly!!
Now, one more time read this phrase and process it just as it is “The End of The World”. Got the click? Yes, this phrase is assertive means the end of ‘this’ world we currently known of. This entails the end of slumber, the end of negligence, the end of barriers to true human potential. Again, December 21, 2012 signifies itself as an interface among the start of Age of Aquarius and end of Age of Aries. Age of Aries is approaching its end , the end of ancient myths persisting till now, the end of conventional mind bent to slavery. Age of Aquarius is defined to be the period when man will become most powerful, mind potential will unleash, watering down all conventional road blocks of myths and rituals. Human community at large get to understand that it is the sole creator of this Universe nevertheless the whole World. Good or evil, any concept, any idea, any miracle or any calamity is only the consequence of human thoughts of same frequency assembling and resonating at large, will result. The End of the World is simply the end of existing doomness.
Marvels, up ahead.
So, rejoice, be delighted and pray yourself as lucky enough, living to witness the greatest change yet to come in human civilization. Though present-day negativity is a challenge to it, but being positive contrasts us against all evils. Because it is not actually an end, it is the arrival of new beginning.

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