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Hi all, I am Sheetal Malik, a B.Tech. IT guy (M.D.U), sole founder and owner of this blog. My focus over this web resource is content cumber your intents. Delivering more quality articles to my visitors in personal tone is my primary goal. I aim this blog to share my own personal experience and knowledge about some of the most contemporary concerns and matters that you confronted with in your everyday life. To be straight, I am not some tech. guru, however, got a natural bent of mind in hacking, being passionate always to spifflicate things and let them work in my way.

I put up at Delhi, India, an SEO artist and freak about presenting matters in all new perspectives which however being important, often overlooked by us in our everyday life. My expertize lies in structuring information, the most expressive way, you find nowhere but here only. Start; subscribe my blog posts, get the power through what actually is important of your being as human in this world.

Feel free to put your valuable comments whenever you read any of my posts as it helps me to improve them. Any queries and suggestions are highly welcomed.

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Sheetal Malik

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