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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Beautiful Like a Dream of Youth: A Perspective


Morning rush hours, we all know are in beat with overcrowded buses and flying swears in the same. Lately I caught bus, boarded it with bully endeavours and arranged myself in middle, penetrating crowd anyhow. Attempting to slide off my wallet out of my bumps obviously to tender ticket I saw something flickered gaping out, alley-way from bodies in mob. I turned irritated but mesmerized getting glimpse out of all shadows of a lady somewhere in between her thirties with all her charms managed somehow to lounge herself at corner ladies seat and her hoop rim caused to concentrate all solar power on my face.

More often than not I restraint myself peeping somebody out ceaselessly but I was spell bound by this God’s finest creation in all this earthly slum. Air blowing inwards from windows edges seems to slap herself hard enough that she gonna collapse within moments. She was innocent, her hairs appeared to maneuver over her face look like veiling her beauty from grub streets. Kisser’s temple lines so artistically carved that one would do only lull stare them. Her eyes withal brows without any mascara so delicately tuned to knockout anyone who dare stare in them and that time I was the victim. Her cheeks ancillaries pitched her attitude, the verdict to mantrap. Beautiful like the dream of youth was her lips with accentuate popping lip shade intriguing nature caveat better not to compete. Her jowl lineaments though somewhat ageing but still firm enough as those had been commanded from divine sources. Finally her men tum like still garnishing the finest, flagged her triumph victory over any worldly beauty one had ever imagined of.

But she was lounged quiet in her deep thoughts with lowered eye lashes as if bearing this world  cursing God for what evil she is here and for what good she bestows to this world. She was unknown but to me she is playing crucial role, a hub binding many threads (souls). Read Entanglement.

As I was defining her in my mind with all my endeavours, my stop came forced myself somehow to come back to reality. It all vanished within moments but I will never forget her, still looking forward to get hers glimpse someday.

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