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Monday, 26 September 2011

Google turned 13th: Happy Birthday Google

This morning Google just doodle on itself and why not, after all the world’s biggest searching now more social giant just touches her 13th birth anniversary. Lots of Wishes from Sheetal Malik: My corner to Google and all its employees. Here under are my wishes:

May Zukerberg’s F8 summit keynotes proves wrong or atleast flawed to let Google alley-wayed through them.

May your AdWords campaign goes well, no matter how complex their SEM is

May your Open API’s atleast have good set of documentations less leveraging forums so that more developers can engage themselves onto it.

May your Android overtakes every possible mobile platform and that too without bringing bangs to memory with each passing hour as expected by many in future.

That’s all from my side and don't mind that's just a joke. Still, may God bless you. Hope you grow more like impassioned beast giving tuff competition to all your rivals so say. Have a good day

Strings stings me: Passion Recharged again

sheetal malik guitar
Yesterday night though exhausted making clear way to home to better prepare myself for next day but of course what seems to be an end is generally a mark to new beginning and so happened to me again  and this time no shit to be confident. While commuting to home more often than not reevaluating my toady's’ withal next day plans, I got a click. My switches go LIVE again. I found my hands groping my pockets ascertaining some mobile device should be present there. success, so said in context of public transport, bad. Hastily I call my buddy of all times “Harminder”. “Hey, lets rock today! What about Guitar!!”.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Google Plus API Launched: Developers Rejoice!!

Google Plus platform pic on Sheetal Malik blog
Finally, the much awaited Google Plus API is unleashed today itself striding developers a step ahead to open source. Admittedly, Google proved its social tag “Real Life Sharing, Rethought for the web”, shown sword of Damocles to many of the rumors associated with limited access and worthy usage rights cited in most of the renowned technology columns. Many among us today received an invitation like this:

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Google Plus Vs. Facebook: Can't it be better?

Sheetal Malik Views

Although Google Plus being a new social player has much in its foundry to offer yet its nowhere close to Facebook to offbeats our hearts. Somewhere initialy  G+ raises our expectations to enjoy more real social experience. Its concept of circles withal spark seems so manageable that looks like advent of web 3.0 but in reality its all vague, not even at inches to out flank Facebook. Moreover, its circles bait us waffling around giving them more attention than to the cause for which those actually developed.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations: Be on cloud 9

migration pic from Sheetal Malik blog
Though cloud be a lucrative technology from its very inception but migrating existing IT over server farms is not an overnight job for any enterprise, to be practical in question. Moreover, cloud big-wigs like Microsoft Office 365 withal Google Apps technologies offers you per seat services in much lower rates as nothing to compared with your legacy infrastructure on employee per se making you even more cloud starved. Besides, enterprise upgrade to next level of competence ought to leverage on cloud services bragging your long suppressed right to flexibility as well.

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