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Saturday, 6 August 2011

When Nuts Doze Crazy, Stool goes Hot!

Saturday night I packed late from Office completely exhausted. On my way I boarded low floor, standing lingered over back pole. When passing through NSIT walls I felt drowsy, started dozing insanely like sluts. Mouth wide open, expelled enough to care posing hand over it. Because I was already consumed, I didn’t care who else is noticing or whatever nevertheless saying sorry.

As I dozed, I saw man too dawdling along with bus jerks started dozing. Okay, he may be another kickass like me, too consumed in plenty. But I am a nut, how could i take this for granted. It should be the Eureka moment for me. and yes, a divine theory crawled out my mind, ping pong! yep like that, an another step ahead to my research over Human Thoughts.

A kinda mesh theory, the entanglement. If gone through my earlier articles over “Mystics” label you perhaps got a click by now. But if not then here it is:

As according to noetic sciences, all of us have our own magnetic field bragging within giant magnetic filed resembled to this Universe. We all employed in interconnection with each other like a sack binding. Means if amongst large even one of the thread is disturbed then it will maladjusted others counting on the position which resembled relevance (in mesh all threads have their unique role and some are at more critical position, more vulnerable to whole sack than others) that thread holds. Yes, the mesh.

Coming straight to my point, when I doze, I shipped out my disturbances over to other people (threads) bonded to this Universe (sack) and mortals (threads) who are at my higher proximity are more disturbed. My friends that is why the man dozed just after few seconds as I dozed.

You may say huh! its rubbish but I affirmed that too and this time dozing fake just to check that fact out and BINGO!! it works every time I echoed. Just experiment this out whenever you find yourself in public transport. It works!!

Well, I didn’t fresh me out yet. Its Sunday morning and I have much to explore, need not to say in public transport again. Thanks Delhi to run DTC services..............oh!! mommy I am coming wait!! oh ouch!! what the heck.....friends I am coming... till den juss comment.

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