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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Google Plus integration: Twitter+Google Plus+Facebook

sheetal malik integration post

Much awaited, but it seems that these two social giants (Google+ and Facebook) are never going to behave nicely aside settle over some mutual account is no no. Nevertheless, your Twitter bird which can follow any Tom, dick and Harry but restrains to barter Google is no less than mess. Admittedly we are not born to stumble upon multiple browsing tabs just for feeding our society. Moreover, growing society circles doesn’t mean to bang up on Internet all the same if Dial-ups. Isn’t it better to have one window where we can both spit and shit as well? I am no talking of murky Google, nonetheless Facebook API to screw first. Sabre moves are there to avail out of rough and tumble. What am I talking about? Okay, have a look at bloated out area:

sheetal malik google plus fb

Yes, its all on web. What if Facebook swears not to marriage with Google? Download this third-party extension(by crossrider)to your browser (, install it and login with your Google plus account. You will see a new tab just left beside your Home tab is of Facebook now. Click it and get streaming Facebook feeds right at your Google plus account. What the hack?

sheetal malik crossrider

But is it suffice?  Had I promised earlier to integrate Twitter? Is it so? Okay, here it is.

Again came up with another extension for you to install on your browser: Install after downloading it and flush out existing social platform barriers. Don’t worry security is piggybacked in this extension, just let it access your Facebook or Twitter accounts and you are on the go to witness harmony amongst beasts.

Sheetal malik google plus twitter

Well, this is all about bartering down
work spaces. Read more on my other columns Sheetal Malik: My Corner



KINGRPG said...

Google + is very scary. I'm waiting for that bundle when it was released to do business.

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