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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Yes, Dogs can too be Yummy: Black Dog Bestow

Hungry? Don’t let yourself starved enough. I came up with all new barker casserole less sauce boat. Puzzled? What I gonna discuss may become your all time favorite cuisine. Settle your starvation or serve your guests being quick with this Dog ramekin. Out of funds? well in case of snacks at evening you can go for puppy too. However, this dog dish let you adieu your guests with scallywags of it if baked in excess. Straight to the cause, how to prepare “black dog bestow” ramekin.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Google Plus integration: Twitter+Google Plus+Facebook

sheetal malik integration post

Much awaited, but it seems that these two social giants (Google+ and Facebook) are never going to behave nicely aside settle over some mutual account is no no. Nevertheless, your Twitter bird which can follow any Tom, dick and Harry but restrains to barter Google is no less than mess. Admittedly we are not born to stumble upon multiple browsing tabs just for feeding our society. Moreover, growing society circles doesn’t mean to bang up on Internet all the same if Dial-ups. Isn’t it better to have one window where we can both spit and shit as well? I am no talking of murky Google, nonetheless Facebook API to screw first. Sabre moves are there to avail out of rough and tumble. What am I talking about? Okay, have a look at bloated out area:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Beautiful Like a Dream of Youth: A Perspective


Morning rush hours, we all know are in beat with overcrowded buses and flying swears in the same. Lately I caught bus, boarded it with bully endeavours and arranged myself in middle, penetrating crowd anyhow. Attempting to slide off my wallet out of my bumps obviously to tender ticket I saw something flickered gaping out, alley-way from bodies in mob. I turned irritated but mesmerized getting glimpse out of all shadows of a lady somewhere in between her thirties with all her charms managed somehow to lounge herself at corner ladies seat and her hoop rim caused to concentrate all solar power on my face.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

When Nuts Doze Crazy, Stool goes Hot!

Saturday night I packed late from Office completely exhausted. On my way I boarded low floor, standing lingered over back pole. When passing through NSIT walls I felt drowsy, started dozing insanely like sluts. Mouth wide open, expelled enough to care posing hand over it. Because I was already consumed, I didn’t care who else is noticing or whatever nevertheless saying sorry.

Monday, 1 August 2011

End of The World: The Apocalypse

Will Eschaton really be a future life tweak? Will December 21, 2012 surfaces itself as a curse for entire living community? Much has been prophesied of Mayan calendar 2012 to Nostradamus. Does End of The World literally claim its Pharisaical meaning. No, actually End of The World is sure but story is somehow other way around.

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