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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cloud Computing for Dummies: A Spoon Feed

Most of the work we do in general requires us to have different software installed on our systems. It’s difficult to carry this software whenever we go – for example, from home to work. Perhaps, it is one of the largest drawbacks. The solution to this problem is an online service called This service enables users to access Windows software to be run from a web browser itself. It’s useful for those who don’t carry portable storage drives and don’t want the hassles of having plug-in the flash drives everytime.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Creative Commons license: Google it

Creative Common License Contents through Google: Sheetal's way

  Be creative though being common!
Have guts and be the only one!!

Just Google it!

Though I am a geek but I am not going to discuss some rocket science today as my interest lies in solutions to most contemporary concerns of your everyday life. Ever since the Google released, the community most bestowed by its kinder is of IT bachelors.  Queries like “How do I submit my report the next day nevertheless not have MS word installed?” answers are same “just Google it”. “How to figure out project in just a week” someone pings “Goooooogle it”. How to shit?...... Google it. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Power of Human Brain: The Thought Process

How to Make Our Wishes Come True?

Hello all
Hurrying from office towards home after performing all backup operations I just set my hands again to write this mind boggling blog for you. So, what I am going to discuss today is really revolutionary and provoking and possesses power to radically change the way you live and see this world. I am going to discuss the most mystical secret.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Different people and their cell ringtone: a typical observation

Welcome Friends……..

It happens us to all that sometime we are day dreaming while commuting by bus or Metro/tube and suddenly some jingles and chimes of familiar song interrupt us compelling us to swear on someone….”how a man has such a crazy loud mobile phone ringtone ?”

Not only this, the person talks on phone at even more louder voice than ringtone itself and that too in some non-familiar accent. And as Indians it is our moral duty to listen and interpret carefully each and every word of that person and start evaluating his/her life with our own perspectives throwing in hell what are we thinking previously…….huh!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sheetal malik : I am only a public entertainer who understands his time.

Hello Friends.......

You probably wonder WHY on this earth someone has enough time to write a blog on himself and that too if he is an average guy. But my dear there is a lot in it and it will be clear to you after reading this post. So, what inspires to me write about myself ? Answer is simple..........because it is the only available topic for anyone to set his hands in writing and too without mind....STOP, if you going to close this page. I am joking dear and I really...emmm...not really mean it..ha ha. Well anyways you already read above four lines and it will not waste your time to read some more because you already prove that you are free, worthless and have enough of  your waste time to go through this....or you really mean that this post is worthy. OKAY now come to business........

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