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Friday, 8 July 2011

Different people and their cell ringtone: a typical observation

Welcome Friends……..

It happens us to all that sometime we are day dreaming while commuting by bus or Metro/tube and suddenly some jingles and chimes of familiar song interrupt us compelling us to swear on someone….”how a man has such a crazy loud mobile phone ringtone ?”

Not only this, the person talks on phone at even more louder voice than ringtone itself and that too in some non-familiar accent. And as Indians it is our moral duty to listen and interpret carefully each and every word of that person and start evaluating his/her life with our own perspectives throwing in hell what are we thinking previously…….huh!!

One day it happens to me too….but it is a sort of EUREKA moment for me as I find my mind linking all those previous similar moments compelling me to write this post.
Now, what I do is make a note of every such abruption caused by linking ringtones genre, loudness, patterns with different sort of people belonging to different professions and environment. What is more interesting is that we can classify people in clear boundaries on behalf of their cell phone ringtones………How?? Here we go…….

1. People with blue collar job

In this classification come those people with intermediate education, technology novices, countryside illiterate and obviously self-employed or field workers. Such people always used to leverage on mobile phone feature to the fullest. Example: if mobile phone supports higher sound volumes then it is SC law to those to always put their phones on maximum volume. Probably they are still suspecting technology and entertain themselves on checking their phone potential to tolerate the maximum pressures but whatever be the reason they are totally nuts in exploiting gadgets. You can also find some typical ringtones to classify those people easily. Here we go….

... “tarref teri nikli hai dil se…..aai hai labh pe ban ke kawaaali”.
... “achha silla diya tune mere pyaar ka…………blah blah blah”.
... “choli ke peeche kya hai……ku ku ku……..”(complete novice man!!).
... “mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu………….”
... “are dwarpaalo kanhaiyaan se kehdo…………………………….”
And the list goes on and on…………………….

2. College and school going youngsters:

So such guys are somewhat sensible, not technology novices but tried every possibility to compare their mobile phones features with others.
Sound is the most competitive among them. Now the ringtones are somewhat sensible or say tolerable but these people too believe in “big is the better”. Tones are good but volume compromise is no way……
Generally in this class ringtones converts to latest and popular English or Hindi track. It can vary from Enrique to Eminem…Heavy metals…or new Hindi tracks but still too disturbing reflecting immaturity among those. But it represents colorful lives, youth passion, confidence and off course style so it is still expectable.

3. People with White collar job

People in this category are office going chaps, managers, CEO’s and those who understand how noise disturbs the environment or probably they are over conscious about their song choices not to let them to become office rumors. So these people prefer to choke their mobile voice such that sound in mobile is not a feature but a paid curse to them. Even if there is a ringtone it is like that:
 Tring tring…………..trrrrrinnnnng…………(calling tune).
 Beep….beep………..(message tone)

Some are even damn conscious that they use to rely phone vibrations and flash lights to receive a call or message.


The most innovative in all above categories comes engineers. Even if an engineer becomes CEO or still unemployed his/her mobile ringtone is craziest and exclusive in all aspects. An engineer never gives a damn to futile concerns as noise pollution. Communicate with all his blooming feelings, don’t care about his/her boss, who is listening and what others think because it is not in his/her domain and warnings are always overlooked. The variation in this class of people is completely unpredictable and I have no guts to define such sort of people…………..

Stay tuned to my corner, more yet to come.



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